Anonymous asked:

part of dear radar's issue is that he is a rosetail/feathertail betta, which all eventually look like shit. even if the fins arent torn (and his definitely are), they look torn because of the way they lay. stop rosetail bettas 2k14.

barnegatlighthouse answered:

LOL. the way you put that cracked me up. I don’t think radar is a true rose tail, or maybe he’s just constantly tail flaring or smth that spreads his folds out. that would explain his rips.

take look at him from a few weeks ago: link1 link2

he has a few rips that resemble flare rips. that’s not just him being a rose tail. those are flare rips. maybe they were old and the fin’s tears didn’t grow back or something. understandable.

here’s the thing, though

this pic of radar is recent: link

his dorsal is in shreds. looks like a mixture of flaring and tail biting.

here’s some pics for reference:



… First of all, there is NOTHING wrong with Radar’s fins. Nothing happened to him, how dare you try to claim I’m treating my fish horribly simply to prove I’m ‘not trustworthy’. I have observed him since he came to me and his fins have not changed and there is NOTHING wrong with them. He does NOT have fin rot.

nope. he has flare rips and maybe bites that could potentially lead to fin rot. personally that doesn’t look like fin rot but I could be wrong.



WHY are people talking about my fish behind my back??

His fins are NOT ripped or torn, the edges are NOT raw.  His dorsal fin has always had that shape. His fins are exactly the same as they were when he came out of his little baggie from Thailand, so if something happened before that I was not aware of it.


It isn’t visible in all the pictures, but his dorsal as ALWAYS been shaped like this, with dips between the rays:


There is no ripping there. That bit is just often covered up by his other fin. That’s why it’s hard to see in his aquabid picture.


BUT WITH THAT BEING SAID, why the actual fuck are you people analyzing how my fish looks anyway?

Why in the hell do I have to justify how my fish looks to you? Why do you give a shit, he’s my fish! Do you really have nothing better to do than to sit there and analyze the fins of someone else’s fish that you have never actually observed, only seen over the internet, and shit on them for how that fish looks?

There is nothing wrong with my fish. If there was, I would take care of it. You arguing about if there is or isn’t something wrong is pointless and petty because you don’t own him. All you’re doing is looking for more ammunition to use against me and exploiting my fish in the process.

Radar is perfectly fine. :| stop harassing her for her fish when the fish is fine.

People are mean and hateful for no other reason than to be mean and hateful, Radar is GORGEOUS!! You are a great aquarist and the anon of the internet shouldn’t matter I am truly sorry you have to be grilled and your fish scrutinized.

Without further ado here is what has been keeping me from updating recently. I just got a new 150 gallon, soon to be floating reef aquarium. I will still do updates on my 14 gallon and 1.5 gallon but this is going to take the majority of my time. I built the stand myself out of #2 grade 2x4 and 2x6 an tomorrow will be covering the back and sides the front I will leave open to show off my sump/refugium because I believe a good system should be displayed!

Now heres where you as my tumblr friends come in I will be doing a SMALL floating reef that will be about 8 inches off the sand bed in the left hand quarter of the tank and have the rest an open sand bed. I need you to give me suggestions for what is going to live in my new bigger better home ocean!


Ok folks I did have a bit of a tragedy yesterday had a crazy ammonia spike I wasn’t ready for but after a 50% water change and giving a day for recovery I tested again and TADA!  back to normal. Well normal-ish.

Before I get into my test results I want to talk a bit about Kordon AmQuel Plus. This stuff is a MUST its not a fix for ammonia or nitrate spikes but its a damn good band-aid while your rushing to get a large water change done!


Temp 80°F

Specific Gravity 1.025

PH 8.2

Ammonia 0ppm TADA!!!!

Nitrites 0pmm

Nitrates 0ppm

Water Hardness dKH 9.8

Calcium 600

Magnesium 1560 almost normal!

Bioflourescence, probably the coolest natural phenomena to happen in the water ever! Well that’s my opinion anyway. It differs from bioluminescence by instead of creating light it steals it changes it and then sends it back out a different color. (man I really need to figure out this whole pictures in the dark thing)

I don’t have a wiki link this time but here is the break down on bioflorescense.